Tuesday, June 20, 2017

June 13-19

Hey y'all!
It's been a pretty good week! Nothing too out of the ordinary
happened, just lots of finding and teaching and missionary work! We've
had a goal, as a mission, to get 70 contacts and 10 lessons in a week
and we were able to hit that, so we were really excited!

Deitra and her family are doing good! Her surgery went well, she
received a priesthood blessing beforehand, some members brought them
dinner and her daughter went to girls camp! It's been a little harder
getting in with them because she's recovering from her surgery, and
she will have a couple more in the upcoming weeks. But we call and
text her every day to keep the daily contact, and hoping our next
appointment that she's actually feeling up for a lesson we will be
able to put them on date!
Our investigator Brittney is also doing well, she was able to attend a
baptismal service in the Athens 2nd Ward this week! We didn't go, but
from what she told us it was a really good experience! We're hoping
this will help her receive her answer and want to be baptized, which
is what she's been stuck on.

This week as I was studying for some investigators and I came across an article
"It isn't a sin to be weak". I had read it before, but this week it
really stuck with me. It helped me see the difference between sin and
weakness. Being a missionary can be discouraging sometimes, just
because there is so much I can do to be better yet so little time to
do so, and I can get frustrated with myself for not being able to
contact everyone in just the right way or not teach all the principles
perfectly. But God has given us weaknesses as a part of mortality,
like it says in Ether 12:27, so we can be humble. God doesn't expect
us to be perfect, but he does expect us to strive to be better. And we
can't overcome our weaknesses on our own, but we can't expect God to
just take them from us either. It's through the grace of Jesus Christ
we canovercome them. It takes a lot of time and patience and humility,
because we can't change overnight. That's a big thing I've learned on
my mission, to be more humble and patient with myself in overcoming
weaknesses, but still doing my part and being anxiously engaged in
striving to do better.

Love y'all, have a fantastic week!
Sister Taylor

 Last preparation day we walked around downtown Athens with all the
cute shops! Sister Thorn, Lang, me, and Hansen.

 All the magnolia trees!

 Exchanges with the Braselton Sisters! Sister Yount, Otukolo, Lang, and me!

Today for preparation day we went to Fort Yargo State Park. There
was a cool old looking cabin and a lake!

 The famous UGA arch, not sure what the significance of it is though.

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