Tuesday, May 30, 2017

may 24-30

Hey y'all!
It's been a pretty great week! We've knocked on a lot of doors. Things
are slowing down a bit, I think it's just because it's summer in a
college town so a lot of people leave. But there's still lots of work
to do! Since yesterday was Memorial Day our preparation day was moved,
and we went on a little exchange with the UGA Sisters, they both came
to our area and we split up and knocked on a lot of doors, we got to
talk to lots of people that were home for the holiday! I was with
Sister Thorn, it was fun to go on exchanges with her since we were
companions for a while back in the fall! We also had a lot of random
people give us food too, so that was cool! One of our investigators
randomly made us food to go and one of our recent converts also
spontaneously invited us to dinner! And on Friday we were biking down
the road and a member sees us and pulls over, and invites us to come
to lunch with them!

Connie and her family are good! We've been able to see them several
times a week. One challenge with them is her children, Lincoln and
Jennifer, are progressing much faster than Connie is. It's been a
struggle for them to keep commitments, but we're doing all we can to
help them see the importance and provide the means for them to be able
to keep the commitments. Jennifer and Lincoln both really want to be
baptized, but Connie still isn't sure. Hopefully as her kids work
towards that she will be able to have that desire for herself as well.

We had a cool experience with a lady we're working with! Last week
week I had led out the lesson and after we were done she turned to
Sister Hansen and told her she's really quiet, so next time she had to
lead out the lesson. The morning of Sister Hansen was pretty nervous,
she kept telling me she had no idea what to share but I couldn't
really help, it was her lesson and the lady we're teaching would know
if I had told her what to share. She felt prompted to share "The
Living Christ", but had no idea why or how that would help her. I
encouraged her to go with the prompting and she did. While we were in
the lesson, right before we were about to read through it together, I
mentioned that Sister Hansen had it memorized, and she got really
excited and asked to hear it memorized. It was exactly what she needed
to hear that day, not necessarily the document "The Living Christ",
but the fact that Sister Hansen had it memorized from the heart really
impressed her. The spirit knows what she needs, even if we don't. We
just have to trust the spirit's promptings even if it doesn't make

"True disciples of Jesus Christ are willing to stand out, speak up,
and be different from the people of the world. They are undaunted,
devoted, and courageous." -President Nelson

Love y'all, have a great week!
Sister Taylor

Today for preparation day we went to
 the State Botanical Garden of Georgia, it was pretty!

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