Monday, May 1, 2017

happy may!

It's been a good week in Athens, things are starting to pick up! We
have investigators who will actually meet with us and do their best to
keep commitments! We had 5 (from 2 different families) who told us
they would come to church on Sunday, but then when sacrament meeting
started nobody had showed up yet. I felt pretty let down, since we had
talked to both of them on the phone Saturday night and Sunday morning
and they all said they were coming. When there was only 15 minutes
left of sacrament meeting 3 of them showed up (Deitra and her kids)
and then halfway through gospel principles Barry showed up! We were so
happy that they came, even though they were all late. They all loved
the classes and told us they'd be back next week too!
Our investigators Deitra and her family are doing well! We had a good
lesson with Deitra this week, things were a bit crazy with her kids
and grandkids so we were only able to teach her, but she accepted a
baptism date for June 3rd! They were an hour late to church, but they
made it! She brought 2 of her kids, Patricia and Will. Since it was
the 5th Sunday everyone was combined for the 3rd hour, and they were
talking about the stake goals for this year and how each family can
make their own goals to go along with that, and then had us split off
into groups to discuss. While we were talking about it Deitra's
daughter said she wanted to get baptized, and she accepted June 3 as a
baptism date as well! And then after we were finished discussing each
group shared their goals, and Deitra told everyone her goal was to
continue studying to make it to her baptism date! We're very excited
for them!
Barry was the other investigator who showed up late to church, he
loved it as well! He told us that he got lost, but finally found the
church! He almost decided not to come in because he was so late, but
he decided that because he would be late to his church too he might as
well just stay for ours, and he really enjoyed it! He was able to meet
lots of people and he said he'd come back next week with his wife! We
were able to have a good lesson with them this week, we talked a lot
about the importance of priesthood authority and baptism. They weren't
ready to accept a date, but said they want to continue learning and

"Personal foundations … are usually built slowly--one layer, one
experience, one challenge, one setback, and one success at a time."
-Elder Cook

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor

A random field of yellow flowers we pass a lot when we bike!

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