Monday, March 27, 2017

blessings from march 20-26

Hey y'all!
It's been a pretty good week! We've had some pretty crazy weather, it
was like 80 degrees and then later that night there was a hail storm
with marble sized ice falling from the sky! And all the pollen is
coming out, everything is literally green because it's covered! We've
been able to teach a lot more lately, more people are letting us in
and accepting return appointments! We've been giving out a lot of our
supplies, and we ran out of copies of the Book of Mormon (and since we
didn't plan ahead very much we have to wait until someone goes down to
the mission office to bring us more) and then tender mercy of the
week, I got a package from the Hiatts and they included 2 copies of
the Book of Mormon and my cousin, Kaitlyn, had written her testimony
in them! We were so happy because now we have a book we can give to
our new investigators!

We had a really cool experience this week tracting, which began last
week when we were weekly planning! We were picking a couple streets we
wanted to tract on so we were both looking at our maps, and I found
one that I felt good about, and when I turned to Sister Hansen to tell
her to put it in the plans, she had zoomed in on the exact same
street! So we knew we really needed to be there, so we planned it in!
On a Tuesday we plugged it into the GPS and knocked for a while, and
we met a nice lady who let us in, we taught the restoration, and got a
return appointment! When we got back to the car we realized that the
GPS had taken us to the wrong street, so we found the one that we had
actually picked during weekly planning and tracted there for a bit,
and we tracted into a family of 7 who want to hear all of the lessons!
The mom answered the door, let us in, and said her kids have been
asking questions about religion that she couldn't answer, so she asked
us to teach them! We told her we have a bunch of lessons we teach and
she said they want to hear them all and they want a copy of the Book
of Mormon to read together! It really is amazing how the Lord will
lead us to where we need to be!

"[The truths in the Book of Mormon] will strengthen your faith, fill
your soul with light, and prepare you for a future you scarcely have
the ability to comprehend."
-Elder Gary E. Stevenson

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor

Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week....

Monday, March 20, 2017

the little white house around the corner

Hey y'all!
It's been a pretty good week, lots of tracting, like always! We got 3 new investigators this week, so that was exciting! They were all people we've met in the past weeks, but we finally were able to get return appointments so they'd be a new investigator!  We also had 2 people let us inside while we were tracting, before we even said anything, and one of them gave us some of their dinner, that was cool. We helped out the YSA sisters at one of their booths on campus, that was fun! They have a table set up near the student center and we talk to the students as they walk by. This time we had a whiteboard that said "Where does your family come from?" And had everyone write where their ancestors came from and talked to them about family history! It was weird being on a college campus again, but it was fun!

Our investigators Connie and Lincoln accepted baptismal dates in April, so that was exciting! But they still haven't come to church and they've been really hard to meet unless they start meeting with us more and coming to church then we'll have to move the baptism. 

We had a couple cool little spiritual experiences this week! The first was a member referral. After dinner with some members we asked if they knew any of their neighbors who had just moved in or that was going through a hard time, and they told us of one family who had just moved in, "in a little white house around the corner". So we go around the corner and there are like 5 little white houses. So we just knocked on them all! At a lot of them we had some really good conversations, one of them had a friend who was a member and he went to church all the time with him growing up! It was cool how the Lord was able to lead us to the people we needed to talk to that night, through a referral to go to the white house around the corner, even if we didn't talk to the person the family had intended us to. Another one was while we were tracting, there was this group of guys smoking on the porch of the next house we were going to knock on. It was kind of scary and intimidating and to be honest I really didn't want to approach them, but I took a deep breath and said a little prayer in my heart and walked right up to them! Before I knew it we were talking about how Christ can help us overcome anything, including addictions and we gave them the phone number for the addiction recovery senior missionaries! Through Christ we can have the courage to talk to everyone, even if it's kind of a scary or intimidating situation.

"The way through difficulties has always been prepared for you and you will find it if you exercise faith." -President Eyring

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor

 All the sisters at zone conference!

 Today all the sisters in the zone got together and a member 
did a self defense class and then we got Bruster's ice cream!

 The booth on campus

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

blessings of daylight savings time!

Hey y'all!
It's been a pretty great week! I've never been this excited (and
probably never will be again) for daylight savings! Because we sprang
forward an hour we get another hour of daylight in the evening, which
means we can tract for longer in the night before everyone gets mad
and tells us to go home because it's dark! We had a good zone meeting
this week too, they told everyone to prepare a 5 minute talk about a
Christlike attribute and they would choose 2 missionaries during the
meeting to give it, and of course they picked me! It was good that I
actually remembered to prepare one, I talked about faith and humility.
And my companion tells me I teach the lessons in my sleep, last night
I taught the restoration and invited them to be baptized. Haha I don't
really remember any of it but it's pretty funny!

Our recent convert, Kristin, is doing great! On Sunday, her mom came to
church with her, and she stayed for all 3 hours! It was great because
her boyfriend was speaking in sacrament meeting, and he talked a lot
about the restoration and plan of salvation. In gospel principles the
lesson was on scriptures, and she asked for a copy of the Book of
Mormon! And then the relief society lesson was on women and the
influence we have, which she loved as well! We also gave her the
missionaries' phone number where she lived, and she said she'd call
them because she wants to learn more!

We met this really awesome couple Sunday afternoon tracting! They let
us in and asked to hear our message, we had been trying to do
different door approaches and decided to start with the plan of
salvation, which was perfect for them! We first asked about their
religious background, both of them grew up in different Christian
churches but now both are agnostic. They told us that the main reason
they left was because they had questions that weren't answered, but
they haven't completely ruled out Christianity. They asked questions
like "Why doesn't God speak to men today, how can the Bible really be
it?" And "If we really were created in the image of God, then why are
people inclined to sin?" And "How can there only be heaven or hell,
that we either must be "perfect" or be miserable forever?"  It was
really cool because all those questions we were able to answer with
the plan of salvation (and the restoration). They really loved what we
had to say, and they told us that this was much more consistent with
what Christ had taught and they wished more of the world believed this
way. They're really excited to learn more and read the Book of Mormon!
Teaching the plan of salvation and having simple answers to these
questions that so many people have always make me realize just how
much we take all of this knowledge for granted. Like President
Uchtdorf said in conference "We tread a path covered with diamonds,
but we can scarcely distinguish them from ordinary pebbles." Really we
are so blessed to have this knowledge, and every time I have the
opportunity to share it with others it really helps me see how
wonderful it is, to know a small part of just how much God loves us
and wants the best for us.

Love y'all! Have a fantastic week!
Sister Taylor

 Athens Zone!

 It's my street, Taylor Lane!

 The flowers are all coming out!

 A sunset

 Me and Sister Lang, my MTC companion! 
She's training a new missionary too 

and we saw each other at the 
new missionary follow up

Me and Sister Hansen!

Monday, March 6, 2017

adventures feb 27 - march 5

Things are going great here! Spring is here, it's been getting really
warm these last couple weeks! Last week during weekly planning we made
it a point to plan finding first, to make it a priority since what we
really need is new investigators. As our mission president suggested,
we picked a couple places where we felt there were people ready to
hear the gospel and planned those places multiple times during the
week during different times of day. We were able to see so much
success doing that! Every single time we went to one of those places
we met someone who was willing to listen, and a lot of people let us
inside their homes right then! And when we go back this next week we
can go and see all these people again, and knock on the doors that
didn't answer before!

On Monday night we got 2 texts from 2 different former investigators
telling us they'd like to meet with us again! It was cool because
missionaries had previously lost contact with these people because
they had moved, but they gave us their new addresses and told us they
wanted us to come back. We were able to see both of them this week, so
that was awesome!

Connie and Lincoln didn't make it to church this week, which was sad.
But we've been able to make a lot of progress with them, we had a
really good lesson with them about the importance of the Book of
Mormon! We asked them to pray specifically if the book was true, and
they said they would!

"The purpose of faith is not to ​change​ God’s will but to empower us
to ​act on​ God’s will. Faith is trust—trust that God sees what we
cannot and that He knows what we do not.​​​​" -President Uchtdorf

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor

Sorry I didn't take any pictures this week.