Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Merry Christmas Ya'll!

It's been a pretty great week! I hope y'all had a merry Christmas! On Christmas Eve morning we did another free hot chocolate stand with some other sister missionaries, in front of Kroger (we asked permission ahead of time so we didn't get kicked out), and it was good, except that it was like 70 degrees outside! Lots of people took some hot chocolate and light the world cards though! Christmas Day was great too, super busy! We got so much food and visited a lot of people!
Our investigators Andrea and Michael are doing pretty good, Andrea is still recovering from her illness but she's doing much better! We were able to do some service for her this week and they had us over for Christmas dinner! We were talking to Andrea a lot while we were doing service for her, she had lots of little questions, we explained to her that we have a series of lessons we teach people and basically asked her if we could teach them to her (because as of this point we haven't really had a "lesson", just answering her questions etc...), and she said she's super excited to learn them all! And we invited her to be baptized and she said she would love to! She hasn't received an answer about the church or the Book of Mormon yet, but she said she really wants it to be true and hopes this is the true church. So we're excited to start teaching her the lessons!
Our investigator Juanita's doing pretty good, but she sure is a stubborn one. This week we decided to show her the 20 minute restoration video, to help her understand the restoration more. She absolutely loved the video, and the story of Joseph Smith. She told us she has no doubt that he was a prophet, or that the Book of Mormon is true. That's how it is with almost everything we share with her, but for some reason she still won't come to church or agree to baptism. I guess she just doesn't understand the significance of it...there is a huge difference between knowing the gospel in your mind and knowing the gospel in your heart.

Here's a quote I read this week by Howard W. Hunter about charity: “Charity encompasses all other godly virtues. It distinguishes both the beginning and the end of the plan of salvation. When all else fails, charity--Christ’s love--will not fail. It is the greatest of all divine attributes”

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor

 Our district! Sisters Patten, Hosman, Me, Evans, 
Elder Haws and Fossum.

 Merry Christmas Y'all!

Our free hot chocolate stand!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!!

It's been a pretty good week! A little slow though, we dropped quite a few of our investigators and then we didn't even get to see any of our other investigators because they all got sick. But we're spending more time finding, so that's good too! This week we were on bike so we spent a lot of time biking too.

Drew is doing so good! We were having dinner with him and some other members on Thursday, and he told us about how he was talking to his sister, and sharing the gospel with her! And then he told us about a conversation he was having with some of his friends, and they had a lot of questions, and he knew all the answers! It's been so cool to see the change in him, and to continue to see him learn and grow!
Unfortunately our investigator, Andrea, has gotten really sick for the past 2 weeks so we haven't been able to see them and they haven't been able to come to church. However we have been able to talk to her on the phone several times and she told us that she knows she's gotten this sick for a reason, and is now spending a lot of time reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and researching Mormon.org! She's been telling us all these cool things she's been learning and asked us how she can set up a family history account! So even though we haven't been able to see her, she's been learning a lot!

So about a month ago (the week of thanksgiving) we were tracting this one street, and it was dark, and this guy comes up to us and says "do you like donuts?" Haha it kind of scared us since we didn't see him because it was dark but then we talked to him a bit and found out he was a member going to school out in Kennesaw, but he was home for thanksgiving with his mom (who isn't a member), and so he gave some donuts and we continued tracting. Now back to this week, I was telling Sister Patten this story and she had actually served in Kennesaw, and knew the person who had given us donuts before! So we decided to go knock on his mom's door to talk to her (since Sister Patten had met her before too) and she was so excited to see us! She told us she had been praying about the church, if she should look more into it or not, but that she would definitely come to church on Christmas with her son! And of course she gave us more donuts before we left :)

1 Corinthians 2:9 "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him."

Love y'all and Merry Christmas!!!
Sister Taylor

 Sister Patten and I

Monday, December 12, 2016

Drew's Baptism

It's been a pretty great week!! Drew got baptized on Saturday, and on Sunday he received the Holy Ghost and was ordained to the priesthood! The members have really embraced him! On Sunday night our dinner appointment invited him over (without us asking/suggesting or anything!) He is fitting right into the ward family, he is so happy! We found him through a member from another ward, and I had thought that they had been friends for a long time, but Drew told us that he just met Bill at the grocery store a couple months ago, and they became friends and Bill invited him to church!  And now he's decided to be baptized! It's amazing how far a simple invitation can go!

Andrea and Michael are doing well! We had dinner with them on Tuesday, which went pretty good! They told us more of their story, and it turns out that Andrea has been reading from the Book of Mormon every morning! She told us that when her father joined the church she saw such a big change in him, which is why she's so interested in learning more, that she wants to know what caused this change and how she can have it too! Michael keeps telling us how much I remind him of his daughter, which is part of the reason why they have let us into their home (it sounds like they don't really like to invite very many people inside), but we have the same personalities and that's meant a lot to them. Which really testifies to me that I am in this area for a certain reason at a certain time, that because I am so much like Michael's daughter they're more comfortable inviting us over and opening up to the missionaries!

I was able to go back and read the talks from the Christmas devotional, and here's a quote I really liked, by Douglas D. Holmes:
"Imagine how strange it would be if, on Christmas morning, we sat around the Christmas tree, admired the beautifully wrapped presents, talked about what might be inside them, and then went about our day without ever opening the gifts! Unfortunately, this is what we sometimes do with God’s gifts to us. Tonight I want to invite all of us to ponder how we might truly receive the gifts God has offered us."
Love y'all! 
Sister Taylor

 The sisters in the Zone

 Beautiful field and sunset

Drew's baptism! Me, Sister Patten, Drew, 
and Brother Downs (our ward mission leader)

My Birthday :)

The Sugar Hill Zone!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Transfers and Tornados

This week as been pretty great!! Transfers were this last Wednesday, my new companion, Sister Patten, is great! We were on bike for the whole week, which wasn't that bad. It was pretty rainy all weekend so lots of members were nice enough to give us rides places. On Wednesday afternoon we almost got stuck in a really bad rainstorm with a tornado watch and everything. We had planned to bike from a member's house to our service activity at a thrift shop (which was only about 3 miles away), but because it was starting to rain they convinced us to let them put our bikes in their truck and drive us there. As soon as we got inside the store it started POURING rain and they had the radio on with tornado warnings right through our county and the surrounding areas....we were so blessed that the members gave us a ride so we didn't end up biking through it! By the time we had to leave the storm was past. But it's been an adventure biking! It sounds like we will probably get the car every other week.

Drew has been doing great, he's all set for his baptism this Saturday, we're excited for him!

We had an awesome experience with our new investigators, Andrea and Michael! They were potentials from the Elders before they got taken out. Andrea has been texting/emailing us and is very interested (her father was a member, who has since passed away) but her husband has been hesitant to let her come to church. So we just kept inviting her, and this week we invited them to the ward Christmas party, and they both came! The party was awesome, so well planned out! They had really good food and had the youth bring it out to all the tables and then had a nativity program. During the party Michael told us that he felt prompted that he needed to come to church with us, and on Sunday they came! And then they invited us over for dinner this Tuesday as well. It was a cool little miracle, because they kept telling us the elders kept trying to get them to come, but for some reason they never had. But after all those invitations and the ward Christmas party his heart was finally softened enough to come to church! 

"Just as a man does not really desire food until he is hungry, so he does not desire the salvation of Christ until he knows why he needs Christ." -Ezra Taft Benson

Love y'all, have a great week!
Sister Taylor

Me and Sister Patten, my new companion!