Monday, September 26, 2016

when someone knocks on our door!

It's been a pretty good week! We had zone conference Tuesday, which
was really good! It was all about faith and the importance of having
the spirit as you teach!!

Friday, after weekly planning we were sitting in our apartment
eating lunch and someone knocked on our door. We answered and there
was a man standing there, he told us he was moving in today and he
thought he was supposed to be moving into our apartment. We figured
out that he was actually moving into building 1, not 12, and gave him
directions to the correct building. He was in a hurry, and he quickly
left. After we left we just sat there and we thought, he's like
exactly the type of person we're looking for, who is just moving in
and probably looking for a church. So we called the Pilgrim Mill
Elders (who also live in our apartment complex) and asked them if
they'd like to go offer to help this man move in. Like 30 minutes
later, when we were getting ready to leave the same man knocked on our
door again, and he tells us he needs those guys we sent earlier
desperately. He told us that he had lost their number but he had
opened up the moving truck and it had been loaded wrong, but needed to
get the tv out right then for the cable guy. So we gave him their
number again and they were able to help him! I don't know what
happened after that, if he will accept the gospel or not.  It
definitely was not a coincidence that he knocked on our door, as a
result of him getting lost, that his apartment number was similar to
ours, that we were actually home when he knocked, and that the truck
had been loaded wrong so that the elders could go help him move in!

Saturday night we were tracting before the women's conference and we
met this really awesome lady! She talked to us for a bit, and it turns
out she used to date a Mormon boy and high school and she is really
interested in reading the Book of Mormon! Then she told us she doesn't
actually live there, but she was dog sitting for a friend! So we got
her information and sent it to the missionaries that are in her area!
What's cool is that later we found out that a couple weeks ago the
Elders had already tracted that street (people told us that they had
just come by) but if we hadn't been there that specific night we
wouldn't have met Lindsey who was ready to hear more!

The women's conference was so good! I especially loved President
Uchtdorf's talk about having the faith to keep knocking....literally
while we are tracting, but also how we need to keep knocking and keep
looking for answers to our prayers, because they will come! A quote
that I especially loved was: "God “rewards those who earnestly seek
him” [Hebrews 11:6], but that reward is not usually behind the first
door. So we need to keep knocking. Sisters, don’t give up. Seek God
with all your heart. Exercise faith. Walk in righteousness."

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor

 the sky!

  someone gave us a cake!

We didn't have any food for dinner one day so we decided to go to

steak n' shake, the shakes were so good! 
Although I guess it wasn'tvery good for you because 
afterwords we went tracting for 2 hours and
the street we picked had super steep driveways 
and neither of us felt very good.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Suwanee Fest!

It's been a pretty good week! Kind of slow, a lot of our appointments
have been falling through. We had an awesome zone meeting on Tuesday,
they simplified it a lot, and just talked about faith, hope, and
charity! Which is just what we need, especially because here not a
whole lot of exciting things are happening.
Our investigator Juanita is doing really well though! She finally
understands more of what the Book of Mormon is and why it's important
and how it works with the bible! She really wants to know if it's
true, and wants to read the whole thing with us, one chapter a
week....although with the way that's going it will take 4 1/2 years to
finish it. But this week as we were discussing 1 Nephi 2 with her
Sister Thorn brought up Moroni 7, and we read part of it with her, and
she absolutely loved it! She's finally to the point where she isn't
comparing every verse with the bible, but she's just reading the
verses and loving them! It's so exciting!
On Thursday all of our set appointments fell through and we didn't
really have any plans except finding, so we biked/walked all day!
Nothing super exciting happened, but we got an awesome potential
investigator! He said he was super curious about what we believed, and
pulled out a Book of Mormon that was sitting on a shelf under a mini
christmas tree. He asked a couple questions but then his friend showed
up and he told us he had to go, but that he really wanted to come to
This week we were meeting with a returning less active, and we decided
to read the conference talk "Your Four Minutes" by Elder Stevenson
with her, and at the end we asked her what she thought about it. She
mentioned about what ordinances she needed next, and told us that even
though she's been a member for over 30 years the only thing she's done
is gotten baptized, and told us how she wants her patriarchal blessing
and to go to the temple! We asked if we can help her reach that goal,
and she said yes! It was cool because she was the one that came up
with the thought that she needed to get to the temple, instead of us
bringing it up!
On Saturday we went with some of the other sisters to Suwanee to
volunteer at Suwanee Fest, the city festival! It was fun! They were
conducting a survey about the economical impact of the festival, and
just asked us to go around and ask random people if they could answer
some questions for the survey. Which was no problem at all for us,
since that's what we do, talk to people all day every day! They gave
us t-shirts to wear, but it was kind of awkward because on the back in
huge letters it said "12 stone church" because that church was like
sponsoring the city festival or something...we had a couple people ask
if we were from 12 stone. It was a bit awkward, but then it gave us
the opportunity to tell them about what church we really were from!
The city was also handing out superman capes with the city logo so we
just got some of those to wear so it would cover the 12 stone church
logo! It was a really cool festival though, they estimated that 50,000
people came to it! By the end of the day I was so tired of wearing
pants though, I was so happy to be able to change into a dress again!

Here's an awesome quote by President Hinckley that I came across!:
"We live in a world of uncertainty. For some, there will be great
accomplishment. For others, disappointment. For some, much of
rejoicing and gladness, good health, and gracious living. For others,
perhaps sickness and a measure of sorrow. We do not know. But one
thing we do know. Like the polar star in the heavens, regardless of
what the future holds, there stands the Redeemer of the world, the Son
of God, certain and sure as the anchor of our immortal lives. He is
the rock of our salvation, our strength, our comfort, the very focus
of our faith."

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor
Sister Thorn and I at Suwanee Fest! 

 Sister Giddens, me, and Sister Thorn

 This morning at Walmart we ran into 7 the cereal isle!

 Zone meeting!

Monday, September 12, 2016

another week in Sharon Springs!

It's been a pretty good week! Although a lot of our investigators seem
to be digressing instead of progressing. I guess we just have to do
our best to help them, but it's their decision to change. We really
wanted to have lots of people come to church, and we used our musical
number as an excuse to invite everyone! We played a special
arrangement of "Savior, Redeemer of my Soul", I played the flute and
Sister Thorn sang! We invited all of our investigators, potential
investigators, and people who we met on the street! Because at the
very least if they didn't want to come to church to come to church,
then maybe they'd come to hear us play! We invited over 20
people....and unfortunately none of them was really sad.
But on the bright the musical number went really well!

Last week we found a potential investigator in our area book who had
given the missionaries her phone number a couple months ago, because
they offered her to help unpack (she had just moved in). For some
reason the missionaries had never contacted her since then, so we
decided to call her! She answered and we asked if we could come over
and share our message with her and she said that we could, and we were
able to set up an appointment for this past Wednesday! We had an
awesome lesson with her, she even had her friend over to listen as
well! We were able to teach the restoration, and they both accepted a
copy of the Book of Mormon and said they'd like to hear more! It was
cool because originally she never really was interested in learning
more, she just wanted help moving in.

On Saturday the Elders texted us and asked us to do them a favor, and
asked if we could invite someone to be baptized today! It was a bit
random but we told them we'd do it! It was kind of difficult because
for most of the day we had been visiting less active members, and you
can't really invite a less active member to be baptized because
they're already a member. We had planned to stop by on one of our
investigators that evening so we decided we would invite her to be
baptized! She's been invited before but no matter how much we try to
explain or teach she doesn't seem to understand. She's in the middle
of switching from being Baptist to Methodist, but still wants to
listen to us! We showed her the bible video about Christ and the rich
young ruler and we talked about the importance of giving everything to
God, and kept trying to direct the conversation towards baptism but
she was very good at taking it the opposite way. We finally were able
to get it where we could invite her to be baptized! But she was really
confused, and we said that if she prayed and knew the Book of Mormon
was true, and God told her she needed to be baptized again, would she
be baptized? Her answer was "why would he tell me to get baptized
again? I've already been baptized twice..." We tried explaining proper
authority, but it didn't work very well. She did agree to a church
swap though! She said if we went with her to her church then she'd
come to ours!

Here's a really great quote that I came across this week on charity!
It's by Elder Marvin J. Ashton:
“Perhaps the greatest charity comes when we are kind to each other,
when we don’t judge or categorize someone else, when we simply give
each other the benefit of the doubt or remain quiet. Charity is
accepting someone’s differences, weaknesses, and shortcomings; having
patience with someone who has let us down; or resisting the impulse to
become offended when someone doesn’t handle something the way we might
have hoped. Charity is refusing to take advantage of another’s
weakness and being willing to forgive someone who has hurt us. Charity
is expecting the best of each other."

Love y'all and hope y'all have an amazing week!
Sister Taylor

 A really pretty sunset!

  A really pretty sunset!

 When you have nothing else to do on preparation day: make cheesy potatoes!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hiking driveways for the Lord!

It's been a pretty great week! We started volunteering at another
non-profit thrift shop, and they had us hanging up clothes, and we
were doing fine until they pulled out a rack full of clothes from
Korea....and all the tags were in Korean so we couldn't tell what size
they all were....haha but we figured it out! It was an adventure!

On Friday night we had our appointment with Cindy (who had texted us
last week saying she didn't want to get baptized anymore) and we were
really nervous for the lesson. We kept praying to know what we needed
to teach her, and we had bounced around several ideas and topics to
plan a lesson about but none of them really felt right. We ran out of
time to prepare so we decided that for the lesson we were going to ask
her some inspired questions to better understand her and how she came
to the conclusion to not get baptized and then follow the spirit from
there. I was kind of nervous since we didn't have much of a plan, but
the scriptures tell us that the Spirit will give us the words to say
right in the moment we need them, which takes a ton of faith!
Sometimes you don't even know what you're going to say before you open
your mouth! Her lesson went so well, she basically told us that she
doesn't feel ready to commit to another church yet, but she's come to
realize that her current church isn't completely true and she wants to
find a new one. Sometime in her answer to why she doesn't want to be
baptized anymore she brought up gospel dispensations (kind of
randomly, it didn't have much to do with why she decided not to be
baptized), which was cool because Sister Thorn had studied it that
morning and the morning before as well! We had a good discussion, and
when she said we're in the sixth dispensation and nobody knows when it
will end we were able to transition right into the restoration and how
we know that the gospel has been restored and we entered into the
seventh dispensation when Joseph Smith was called as a prophet! We
invited her to be baptized again and she said that she would if she
found this to be the true church!

Labor Day was exciting! Since most people have work and school off
they changed our preparation day to today so we could go out and work
when more people were home. We had a couple lessons in the morning,
and then tracted for a bit, and like almost everyone we talked to said
we could come back! It was exciting! And then after dinner we were
driving to the street we had decided on previously to go tract and we
were trying to decide where to start and I suggested we go to the end
of the street, and as we pulled up to the end, all we could see was
driveways.....going like straight up!!! You couldn't even see the
houses! (See pics) that might be kind of an exaggeration but they were
so steep! And I've climbed some pretty steep driveways. Haha and then
Sister Thorn just looks at me and said it was my idea, but we did it!
We didn't meet anyone who was interested, but we had some good
conversations! Then after that we went to go see a part member
family/our investigator. They were having dinner and we told them we
could come back a different day but they told us to come in and gave
us a ton of food! They're from Haiti and I don't know what exactly it
was they fed us, but it was good! And really spicy! And then she told
us about how she was arranging her work hours so she could come to
church, so that's exciting!

Here's a quote from Preach My Gospel (pg 198) that I love! Even though
it was written for missionaries it can totally apply to everyone! "For
your testimony to have convincing power, you must be sincere. Powerful
testimony is not dependent on eloquence or the volume of your voice
but on the conviction of your heart."

Love y'all!
Sister Taylor

 Me by some trees

 Sister Thorn and I

 The really crazy driveways!!

 The really crazy driveways!!

 A Pokemon ball at target

Our district! (With the assistants to the president)