Monday, March 28, 2016

"When ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God"

This week has been great! I hope y'all had a great Easter Sunday!
Church was awesome yesterday, they had some great speakers! One of the
members let me borrow their flute and I was able to play with the ward
choir during sacrament meeting! Our investigators Tim and Tasha and
their whole family made it to church, which was awesome! And Kade was
also confirmed (something came up and he wasn't able to be confirmed
the Sunday following his baptism), and that was really cool as well!
We knocked on a lot of doors on Sunday, but nobody wanted to talk to
us. The members that we had dinner with invited a non-member friend
over, so that was cool! It's so great when members get involved with
the missionary work!

This week we have done a ton of service. There was one house in
particular that I really was not excited to help clean. The elders had
met a lady while they were knocking on doors who had asked for help
cleaning, and they referred her to us (because you can't go inside
someone's house unless another adult of your same gender is also
there). So we went over to help her and when I saw just how dirty it
was I wanted to cry. We were there for several hours, just mopping the
floor of one room. But as we talked to the lady who lived there we
came to know just how amazing she was. She had been through so many
trials and hard times, and still had a smile on her face because she
had put her trust in God. It was just a good reminder that we are all
children of God, and "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings
ye are only in the service of your God." (Mosiah 2:17). She is very
familiar with our church and has expressed interest in learning more,
but we won't be able to teach her because she is moving. Service is so
great, especially because it opens up more opportunities to teach!
The women's conference Saturday night was so good, and fit along
perfectly with that experience because it was all about service as
well! Here's a quote by Linda K. Burton from the conference that I
"The Savior lovingly acknowledged the widow whose contribution was
only two mites because she did what she could. He also told the
parable of the good Samaritan, which He concluded saying, “Go, and do
thou likewise”. Sometimes reaching out is inconvenient. But when we
work together in love and unity, we can expect heaven’s help....As we
consider the “pressing calls” of those who need our help, let’s ask
ourselves, “What if their story were my story?” May we then seek
inspiration, act on impressions we receive, and reach out in unity to
help those in need as we are able and inspired to do so. Perhaps then
it might be said of us, as the Savior said of a loving sister who
ministered to Him: “She hath wrought a good work. … She hath done what
she could”. I call that extraordinary!"

We had a super cool experience on Monday night last week. We decided
to stop by a former investigator (who previously was on date to be
baptized but then the missionaries lost contact, she never answered
her phone or door), but Monday her kids answered the door and let us
in, and when she came downstairs she was super excited to see us! As
we were talking she mentioned that she had met a really nice guy who
went to our church, and it turns out he is a recent convert that the
elders had taught, and he was baptized only a month ago! He has been
sharing his testimony and inviting her to church and everything! It
was so cool! We were super excited! Unfortunately she didn't come
yesterday, but hopefully between our efforts and the members she will
decide to come to church!

Also super funny story- on Friday when we were knocking on doors there
was one house in particular when I rang the doorbell it was this long
fancy chime....and it just kept ringing and ringing and didn't stop!
And then we realized that somehow the doorbell had gotten stuck
pressed down!! Obviously nobody was home because it was ringing over
and over again and nobody came! We didn't know what to do so we just
left. On our way back down the street we went up to the house again,
and the bell was still ringing! I feel really bad but it was so

Anyway I hope y'all have a fantastic week, especially with conference
this weekend!!
Sister Taylor

My district (before transfers)
Sister Allen, Matheson, (Me), Mitchell, Elder Peterson, Fox, Walker,
Leavitt, Henderson, and Jacobson.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Joy of bringing others closer to Christ!

This week has just flown by, we've been so busy!! It's been 2 months
since I've left!! This Wednesday is transfers, but luckily both Sister
Mitchell and I are staying here in Sugar Hill! Kade's baptism was so
good!! Basically the experience is best described by D&C 18:15-16

15 And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying
repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me,
how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!
16 And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have
brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your
joy if you should bring many souls unto me!

The baptism was well attended, a lot of ward members came, as well as
Kade's mom and a couple of his non-member friends! Right before the
baptism started, President and Sister Bennion walked in! That made
Sister Mitchell super nervous because she was giving the talk on
baptism! I just had to say the closing prayer so that wasn't too bad.
But it was so cool that they came! Just seeing the change that the
gospel can bring into people's lives is the coolest thing ever! It
makes all the rejection and hard things about being a missionary all
worth it!
This week we also went on exchanges! Usually they go for a whole day
but we only did them for a couple hours because of meetings the sister
training leaders had to go to. I was with Sister Stenquist, who is
going home this week. I learned a lot from her!  This week we also
biked for a little bit, since we are starting to run low on miles for
our car this month. It was fun, but super tiring because this part of
Georgia is basically all hills. It was kind of funny because we were
biking to a service project to help some people garden so we had our
pants and tennis shoes in a bag and rode in our skirts, then changed
into pants for the service, and then changed back into our skirts to
bike! Haha we only got a few weird looks.
The investigator I was talking about last week, Tim, (who said he
didn't want to come to church anymore) came to church this week!! We
had a really good lesson with their family on Saturday. Our member
team up helped a ton and you could tell Tim was thinking a lot about
what was being said, he even admitted that he knew he should be coming
to church. On Sunday we thought for sure they'd all come to church,
but only Tasha (his wife) and two of their kids came. We asked why Tim
didn't come, and she told us that yesterday after the lesson he said
they were all going to go but then in the morning he changed his mind
and didn't want to go. Then Tasha remembered that she had forgotten to
take her medicine that morning so she texted Tim and told him that he
needed to bring her the medicine, and while he was at the church he
could just stay. Even though he missed sacrament meeting, he still
made it to church!

Also happy Easter this Sunday!! It has been so cool being a missionary
around this time of year because you really get to focus on why we
celebrate Easter. It's because of Jesus Christ! The Church's Easter
video this year has been awesome, we have been able to show it to a
lot of people on the doorstep! Hope y'all have a great week!

Sister Taylor

The Sisters in Sugar Hill Zone

  Exchanges with 
SisterCunningham and Sister Stenquist

 Kade's Baptism!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

planting actual bushes and seeds of the gospel!

This week we have been so busy! But being busy is good because it
makes they day so much better! There are a lot of religious people
here in Georgia and there are so many different churches, and a lot of
the time when we knock on someone's door, they often tell us the
belong to a certain church and they're happy and comfortable where
they are and they're not going to switch. At the zone meeting this
week one of the missionaries talked about how he started asking people
who said they already have a church why they like that church/why they
go there. Often they would talk about how they have friends there or
they know the preacher or that's where their family goes to church.
That's a good question to think about, why do you go to church? The
purpose of church meetings is to come closer to Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ, and when you go with that purpose in mind you'll get so
much more out of it.
We have a new investigator, Geno, and we have been teaching him and is
family for a couple weeks now. It's cool how the missionaries first
found them! An unknown member used to live at their address and so the
missionaries kept going over to meet the members that lived there but
they met Geno and his family instead and they were interested in
learning more! It's cool to see how God places those who are ready to
hear the gospel in our path. This week we also had a potential
investigator invite us over for dinner and a lesson! They have a very
strong faith in Christ and the Bible, and we taught them the
restoration and after the lesson she told us she had a good feeling
about this and was interested in reading the Book of Mormon and
learning more! During dinner she was talking to us about all the
standards and things she wanted for her daughter as she is growing up,
and as she was telling all these things, we were like we have that
standard in our church! It was cool!
We've been focusing a lot on trying to get the members more involved
in missionary work! Because often times if someone hears about the
gospel from a friend they're much more likely to want to learn more
than if they just hear about it from 2 strangers knocking on their
door. You don't have to be a missionary to share the gospel! I'd just
like to invite y'all to pray to have missionary experiences and share
the gospel! It can be as easy as just being an example or sharing a
scripture with others! And always remember, no effort in sharing the
gospel is ever wasted. Even if the person you share it with isn't
interested or doesn't want to listen, you've planted a seed, and maybe
when they get another chance to hear about it they will be more
willing to listen!
We are getting super excited for Kade's baptism! It's this Friday! We
let him pick who he wanted to baptize him and give all the talks and
everything, and he thought that was so cool! He just keeps telling us
how grateful he is that he found our church and how happy it makes
him! He said he so happy that he wants to share it with others! He
asked us for a Book of Mormon to give to his older brother! I just
love to see how the gospel changes people and how much happier it
makes them!
Although it's so heartbreaking to see when people reject the
gospel...especially when they know it's true. One of our progressing
investigators (he was ready to be baptized and had a baptism date and
everything) has decided he no longer wants to come to church or be
baptized. It's so sad. We don't know what happened or what we can do
to help. We're still teaching his wife and son, but we are not sure
what to do about him. I guess we will just keep praying to know how we
can help him and address his concerns.
On Friday we got to help an elderly couple plant some bushes! There
were a lot of weeds to pull out and dirt to mix and holes to dig. It
wasn't my favorite thing this week, but it was good to do some
Also someone in the ward here is letting me borrow their flute and
they asked me to play with the ward choir on Easter Sunday, I'm so
excited! Daylight savings was kind of hard because I had finally
gotten used to the Georgia time change but then it switched again on
me! But it's so nice because now we have more daylight in the evening
(because people don't usually open their doors when it's dark, so the
more daylight the better!)

I hope y'all have a fantastic week!

Here's an awesome quote  by Howard W. Hunter:
"If we can pattern our life after the Master, and take his teachings
and example as the supreme pattern for our own, we will not find it
difficult to be consistent and loyal in every walk of life, for we
will be committed to a single, sacred standard of conduct and belief.
Whether at home or in the marketplace, whether at school or long after
school is behind us, whether we are acting totally alone or in concert
with a host of other people, our course will be clear and our
standards will be obvious. We will have determined, as the prophet
Alma said, “to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all
things, and in all places that [we] may be in, even until death.”
(Mosiah 18:9.)"

Sister Taylor

Sugar Hill zone meeting

Monday, March 7, 2016

5 Guys and a Sisters' Conference!

This week has been great! It's finally starting to warm up a little
around here, which is good because people really don't like to answer
the door when it's cold. And then they think we are crazy for being
out in the cold.
On Monday we were knocking on doors and we met one lady who hadn't
heard of our church, but when we pulled out a Book of Mormon she said
that looks familiar and pulls out a copy she found cleaning that day!
We told her a little about it and she said she was interested in
learning more! On Tuesday one of the members took us out to eat at
five guys and after we were done eating and leaving the restaurant one
of the employees came up to us and asked if we were real estate agents
(because of our name tags or something). We told him no, and that we
were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
We weren't able to talk to him for too long but we left him with a
card. It was cool because people don't usually come up and talk to us!
(Haha most of the time they try to avoid us...we've seen so many
different ways people use to try and avoid us and we've heard all the
excuses for people not wanting to talk to us.)
This week we had a mission wide sisters' conference! It was so cool!
We had to drive down to Lilburn because that's where the mission
office is, and we got stuck in the worst traffic. It took us like an
extra hour to get there. But luckily we had planned to be there early
so we weren't too late. They talked a lot about individual worth and
how we are all daughters of our Heavenly Father. And not to get upset
when things don't go the way we want them to, because this is the
Lord's work and he will not let it fail. We also did this cool
personality activity and split into groups based on our personality
and talked about how to get along when you get a companion who has the
complete opposite personality as you. I'm lucky I have Sister Mitchell
though, we get along really well and are pretty similar! After the
conference we had a clothing swap! It was really fun because you can
give someone else the clothes you don't wear or want anymore and then
you get some new clothes for free!
On Sunday it was fast and testimony meeting, and our investigator,
Kade (who is going to be baptized in 2 weeks!), went up and bore his
testimony! It was so cool! He asked us how to start and end a
testimony, and then went up! He talked about how grateful he was that
two sister missionaries stopped him in the street (I wasn't there when
we found him, but I've been here to teach him all the lessons except
the first one). I'm just so excited for him to be baptized!! He is so
ready! Everything we teach him he loves and he is so willing to accept
all the commitment invitations we extend!

Here is a quote I found this week from an article by Pres. Uchtdorf:
(from Oct. 2015 ensign, "Finish with your Torch Still Lit".)
"As long as we continue to rise up and move toward our Savior, we win
the race with our torches burning brightly. For the torch is not about
us or about what we do.  It is about the Savior of the world. And that
is a Light that can never be dimmed. It is a Light that swallows the
darkness, heals our wounds, and blazes even in the midst of the
deepest sorrow and unfathomable darkness. It is a Light that surpasses
understanding.  May each of us finish the path we have begun. And with
the help of our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, we will finish
joyfully and with our torches still lit."

Hope y'all have a great week!
Love, Sister Taylor

 Sisters' Conference 

 A little library we found, you leave
a book and take a book! We left a Book of Mormon :)